fiddlefolk saga

little love

Lila was minding her own business and enjoying her summer break, but the Fiddlefolk she’d unknowingly sent to financial ruin have sent a (gassy) representative. Humour/romance, flash fiction, 5 minutes.

little left out | part one

A lot has changed in the garden this past year. Catch up with Lila, Glenfrook, and Pynecris as the anniversary of their meeting approaches. Flash fiction, 3 minutes.

little left out | part two

Lila and Glenfrook’s wedding day has arrived! Queen Noragolden has prepared the perfect wedding gift, but Pynecris has a gift that keeps on giving. Flash fiction, 5 minutes.

little left out | part three

Pynecris gives a detailed account of his achievements, and receives the rewards of his heroism. Flash fiction, humour, 10 minutes.



A scenic overlook, a camera, and a vision. Flash fiction, 10 minutes.

hands with pen at desk writing a soliloquy

soliloquy meta

Blast my cache! If all else fails, go meta. Humour, flash fiction, 1 minute.


anne writes a eulogy where objects are meant to characterize. Grief, flash fiction, 1 minute.

public beseeching

Gloria has prepared for this moment her entire life. The time has come to face her final foe, but can she outrun her teachers? Humour, flash fiction, 3 minutes.


Aidy and her grandfather walk memory lane and get their feet wet in the process. Grief, flash fiction, 5 minutes.


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