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atonement complex

I had every intention of finishing “little left out (part three),” unreliable narrator edition. I sat in front of this computer for hours everyday this week, and, well … looked at my phone. Please accept my apologies for failing to focus.

Part three should go up later this week, but in case you missed them, check out little love, little left out (part one), and little left out (part two). They’re kinda fun.

chill yourself before you kill yourself

What I’m best at in the whole world is having anxiety about things. I’m probably even better at it than you are, because I’m anxious about even writing this sentence where I suggest that might be the case. If it was possible for me to relax, I would choose to do it while my kids are on summer break. They’re going to want me to play tennis, and go to volleyball tournaments, and host sleepovers, and maybe even go grocery shopping (the horror), so if chill was an option, I would take it. Since it isn’t, I’m going to cut back a little bit on what I expect from myself, and hope that makes grocery shopping without crying an attainable goal. Meaning? No deadlines, no expectations … more creative freedom.


I’m gonna write and post without structure for July and August.

abandonment issues

Even without prompts, I hope you still share your writing with me. It’s not like I’m going away– I’ll miss you if I don’t get to read your fantastic stories over the summer! Please keep in touch, and have the most amazing and relaxing two months possible.

keep writing,


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