little left out | part one

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Lila and Glenfrook were to be married in the dawn hours of the summer solstice, exactly one year after they met. A lot had changed in that year. The garden where the tents and tables were being prepared for the wedding was once Uncle Rodger’s, but now it belonged to Lila. He had passed away over the winter, leaving Lila his beautiful home in thanks for her assistance in his final days.

Lila graduated despite the roller coaster of grief and joy she’d been riding. Having Glenfrook by her side had made her happiness so expansive, she worried she hadn’t mourned her uncle deeply enough. It didn’t help that the Fiddlefolk were practically celebrating.

Though Lila had maintained her uncle’s flower beds and fruit trees with care, the grass was allowed to flourish for the first time in decades. In gratitude for the immense financial boon this brought about, the King bestowed upon Lila the ability to change into a Fiddlefolk at will.

Lila was overjoyed, but Pynecris was bitter. He’d been unwilling to forgive Lila for her participation in the grass cutting at first, but he soon became jealous of her relationship with Glenfrook. Lila’s love had made Glenfrook more confident and assertive. They were less interested in serving Pynecris and tending to his every need. Deep down, Pynecris was lonely, but he was too proud to tell Glenfrook he felt left out.

Pynecris let his emotions get the better of him. After stewing in silence for weeks, he attended the ceremony where Lila received her powers, and verbally attacked her in front of all the elites of the kingdom. He was punished severely for his lack of propriety: by High Council decree, Pynecris was removed from the line of succession. It didn’t help that he’d lost his duel with Glenfrook (which he goaded them into agreeing to).

In a twist of fate Pynecris might have seen coming if he’d paid more attention to the laws of his land (or his family tree), the next in line for the throne was Glenfrook. Though there was no reason to think they would be ruling any time soon, being the heir presumptive was a role which suited Glenfrook perfectly. They were not tempted by power or influence, and had no more than a reasonable desire for the trappings of wealth. It was clear to all that Glenfrook would make an admirable and levelheaded ruler.

Lila was unsure she was an adequate partner for such a person, but Glenfrook banished these thoughts from her mind entirely with the will of their devotion. Lila marvelled at the connection she and Glenfrook shared; it was love like she’d only read about in fairytales, which was par for the course, she thought, as her life had become one.

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