weekly prompt | june 17

woman drinking her cola
I chose this photo to emphasize a joke that’s coming later.
Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

did anyone catch my Chris Pine joke?

I know it wasn’t revolutionary or anything…

It was down to the wire this time, as I only finished writing little love two hours before it went up. I’m happy to report I have finally replaced my broken, painful-to-wear glasses, and look forward to being able to spend a lot more time writing and editing now that I can see without endless agony.

There were a couple of issues this week that, while they weren’t new, I didn’t properly prepare for because I’m me and my brain is…middling.

The first is, when I make edits on my WordPress app, they don’t update the document. I did already know this, but forgot. So, while I was churning out edits while still in bed at 6:30am yesterday, it was all for naught.

a pronoun-ced mistake

The second issue I had was much more embarrassing, but was still a memory issue (fml). I had envisioned the character Glenfrook initially as a male elf, but decided early on to have them be non-binary. I then proceeded to fall into using he/him/his pronouns for Glenfrook. I noticed in my first read-through, and made the changes (on my phone… and then realized much later I needed to do them on desktop), but I still feel pretty crap about it.

If you write (or want to write) diverse characters, this tip (which may be obvious, but I only realized it after my mistake) might be helpful: using the find/find and replace function on your editing software, search up all the pronouns. This way you can easily see if you’ve given the right ones to the right characters before publishing.

friggin’ know it all

It’s time to role-play that kid who’s come home from their first semester at college and is now explaining basic economics to their parents over a meal they’re eating for free. That’s right– this week we’re writing in third person omniscient. I’m excited to get head-hopping and let my reader know everything that’s going on inside my character’s messed up little minds. It’ll be just like Tomodachi Game, but the characters won’t tell lies to themselves in their own heads in order to better set up plot twists.

sharing is caring

Please, please, please (!) keep sharing your stories. I love reading what you create!

see you soon, and keep writing


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