weekly prompt | june 10

couple lying on field together opposite each other
for a photo of two people, the third person perspective is the photographer’s
Photo by itsmeseher on Pexels.com

a grave narrative

How do you feel about beyond-the-grave narrators? I didn’t know where my story was headed when I started, so it wasn’t intentional, but I don’t mind it. I think what gets to me is wanting to explain it; my brain is still trying to make some excuse for why she’s able to tell us her story. Please accept my sincere apologies if this is the case for you as well!


While writing self-portrait, I had to be careful to not start too many sentences with “I,” as it’s so easy to fall into that habit. A bolstering sign post along my journey to being a better writer is that I noticed when I was doing it without my writing software having to tell me.

While the story wasn’t based on a real place on Hudson Bay (though I assume there must be something similar), it was based on my love of photography, and my mother. When I was growing up my parents instilled a lot of fears in me, to the point where, when I was seven or so, I would go to bed at night making ridiculous decisions about whether I was safer (from fire) with the window open or (from burglars) with it closed.

do you mean, like, a thruple?

This week, let’s write something in limited third person perspective. We’ll know all about our MC’s thoughts and feelings, but everyone else in the story will have to do or say things to let the reader know what’s up. Be sure to avoid slipping into omniscient third. A helpful trick is to simply ask, “How would my character know that?”

sharing is caring

As always, I encourage you to keep sharing your writing. I’m honoured to get to read emotionally vibrant writes like @georgesanders_Storyteller’s Home.”

see you soon, and keep writing


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