weekly prompt | may 27

weekly prompt | may 27

and if weโ€™re lost, we are lost together

I read several well written eulogies this week. None resembled the dry and boring examples I, in my desperation, looked at online. My early attempts were much worse even than those. In the end, I wrote the eulogy I would have given for my Andrew, who after years of suffering in physical pain and mental distress, killed himself in 2015. He was 32.

one more monologue

This time I want to write a soliloquy. Maybe something where the character talks about a decision they have to make, why both choices are right and wrong, and how they feel about it. Something where you’re sure they’re just about to break into song.

Yeah. Something badass like that.



As always, you’re encouraged to share your writing with me. I’d love to read your take on this prompt, or anything else you’d like to share.

Until next week!


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