weekly prompt | may 20

You’ll need this later.

first, cause no boredom

I half-wrote five different stories before finally starting public beseeching. I was working on something where a woman talks to her husband’s very real and present ghost when I said to myself, “Ok, it’s time to write something that doesn’t make you bored!” I succeeded in making myself (and my 11yo) laugh with Gloria’s antics, and I hope you enjoyed them too.

I didn’t dig into “objects characterizing my monologuist” as much as I had hoped, but Gloria’s amulet and breast plate do say something about her. In particular, that she spends a lot of time in character, or at least frequently uses her amulet (perhaps for moral support). And maybe she isn’t as prepared for this moment as she’d hoped. Also, there’s a hint that her amulet actually is magical. What’s up with that?!

death by eye-roll

This week, May Monologues continues with a eulogy! This may seem heavy, but at least you don’t have to be a pallbearer. (see above gif)

Seriously though, characterizing someone by what other people would say about them after they die is pretty straight forward. In fact, the eulogy is the easiest type of monologue because you only have to write the introduction and the conclusion—the body is already there. (see above gif)

I’m going to work hard to have references that ground the deceased (see above gif) in a certain time and place, like what music they loved, or the foods they liked to cook.

I’ll probably (at least pretend to) make someone up for mine, but feel free to write about someone you know. You could even be naughty and pick someone you don’t like. Or, you could get really dark and write your own! Be careful with that one though—it could be quite the undertaking. (see above gif)


If you decide to join in, please share your writing! I always love to read what you come up with. And after all those terrible puns, I’m just dying to get writing, aren’t you? (see above gif)

Until next week!

keep writing, 

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