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Gloria’s fingernails pierced her palm as she clutched the sacred amulet. Over years of apprenticeship, the gold that held the ancient stone had formed to her hand. Its long chain—which had outlasted all enemies but one—disintegrated with the force of her determination. She took it as a sign: This was the final fight.

With amulet in one fist, and polearm in the other, she stood before her peers, their families, and an assortment of teachers and other authorities (which included three judges). This was it. It was time to defeat Kevin Humbolt in the Regional Public Speaking Competition.

“Welcome One and All! Cowards and Infidels, Monarchs and Music Teachers! I beg thee be still as I weave such a representation of opinion and fact as to convince you beyond all doubt that I am the master of the Public Speech!”

A drop of sweat fell from Gloria’s brow, causing her homemade breast plate’s fresh paint to smear.

“Hast thou ever eaten the food of quick delivery?” She continued with a quiver in her voice.

“Knowest thou not the dangers of such a meal? Heart disease! Obesity! Canest thou deny it? Thou can not! Nearly half of ye Americans suffer needlessly from ailments related to the consumption of Fasteth Foods!”

Gloria could see her English teacher closing in from the left wing. She edged away, hurrying her lines.

“Ah! And that is not all! Abuse of worldly animals such as foul and calf rampant run in such industry as this—”

Gloria dodged to avoid the outstretched arms of two teachers moving in from the right.

“Restrain me not! Are ye the minions of the Fasteth Food Industry, here to silence my truth telling?”

She brandished her polearm in defence against a visiting Principal.

“Canest thou be in the pocket of Bigeth Burger?”

Though she fought admirably, Gloria was disarmed and restrained by several adults.

“Unhand me heathens! I must spread my truthful words unto the nation and auditorium! I beseech thee—I beseech!”

This Gloria shouted as she was dragged off the stage of her high school gymnasium. Her microphone fell off in the process, but she held on to her amulet. Its faint glow emitted from her hand as she thrashed about in the principal’s office, continuing to orate with great fervour on the evils of high-calorie convenience foods, as well as other, more personal, injustices.

This story is my response to the May 13th prompt, “monologue with a focus on interactions with objects.”

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