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awful april

Quarantine times were (thankfully) not all that bad for me. My income was unaffected, and I don’t enjoy “doing things,” so I was happy to not be doing them. However, this veritable utopia of eventlessness left me completely unprepared for the shit show that was April 2022.

The first week of April, I was very ill. You might remember a little post I wrote about it. That was only the beginning. After masks came off at schools my kids were constantly sick and at home, preventing me getting work done. Then came the family court related nonsense (no final court order yet). Then a week of being very angry about illegal invasions of my privacy. Then a three-day volleyball tournament where I had to be in public for long periods of time, talk to my ex in full sentences, AND get up at five am. Then I had to gather all my financial information, but I failed to provide one document and had my income suspended (finally solved this today). And! Three of my eldest child’s five cats went missing (no leads on where they’ve gotten to), so we have another furry poop machine in the house for safe keeping.

anne amends

Having gotten used to a life of little harassment from the outside world, this barrage meant my anxiety and migraines were nearly constant the whole month. This led to my failure to write about characterization like I said I would. I even failed to link to a great piece of writing by my blog friend, Nithin. It’s a poem about how the government and media are characterizing certain groups in India (to greatly generalize it). Please accept my apologies for the delay, Nithin.

Now that the month of mayhem is over, I think I’d like to give characterization another try. I’m not sure how it will work out, but I’m going to get alliteration involved.

may monologues

Ah, May: The Month of Monologues. Each week I’ll write a monologue (with body language and movements included) where I focus on characterizing the speaker. Each piece will have a clear emotion, and I’ll choose a writing skill to practice. This week I’m going to work on providing insight about my speaker through their movements.

I hope you’ll join me by writing a monologue, too. Maybe the prompt provide insight about your speaker through their movements will inspire you! If you do join in, you can share your work with me here. I also hope you have a wonderful week, and that no awful April nonsense seeps into your marvellous May.

Keep writing!


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