weekly prompt | march 18

Last week we wrote a scene in vivid, absorbing detail. I really enjoyed the writing you guys shared with me, and thank you all so much for doing so. As for me, I chose to make things difficult for myself by trying to describe an empty room! If you missed my attempt you can find it here.

This week’s prompt is: Use vivid, realistic detail to make the reader believe the unbelievable.

In a yarn, a narrator tells an incredible story with an earnestness that allows us to suspend our disbelief. By filling the story with realistic detail, the author can make the lie convincing.

I can’t wait to read your stories! See you next time, and keep writing.

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2 responses to “weekly prompt | march 18”

  1. […] again, I am taking the opportunity Anne’s new prompt for the week offers me to continue adding to this horror novel I have lingering around my head. […]


  2. […] Last week, we used vivid, realistic detail to make our readers believe the unbelievable. My attempt was inspired by a real silverfish I found in my tub while trying to decide what to write about. The story quickly got away from me, though. I thought it was going to be a charming yarn about a bug in a bathtub who could write in English (for some reason), but it took on a life of its own. It also ended up becoming more autobiographical than I’d planned—I have both worked in a pickle plant, and piled up the bodies of my Dermaptera enemies (but not recently). As an aside, in my research for this story, I found that earwigs can indeed fly. I thought I saw one flying once, but burned my retinas with a soldering iron after, so as to forget. I’m not sure how I’m going to forget this time… […]


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