weekly prompt | march 4

anne apart weekly prompt with drawing of hand and quill

Last week’s prompt was about building suspense. I think it might be true that if you don’t know, in a technical sense, how to do it, it’s hard to tell if you’ve done it. I might have to study a few Steven King novels and take notes if I want to get a handle on writing suspense in earnest, but you can find my attempt here.

This week’s prompt is: Free write! Spend ten minutes unclogging your creativity. It’s like a biore pore strip for your brain.

I’m not going to share my free write next week, though. Instead I’m going to do something different– a bit of an editing breakdown. I’ll post a before and after of a piece of writing, with screen shots of the Ulysses and Hemingway Editor suggestions, and some commentary on why I ignore them. (I don’t really.)

Have a wonderful week my friends, and keep writing!

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