weekly prompt | february 4

anne apart weekly prompt with drawing of hand and quill

Last week we wrote a story enriched with symbolism. In my attempt, a bracelet that symbolizes the love of their deceased father is an object of contention between two sisters. Despite being written in the first person, the narrator keeps us at a distance in this piece. She gives us a bit of insight into her feelings here and there, but mainly she relates her perceptions of the people around her. With this inspiration, let’s experiment with psychic (or narrative) distance.

For this week’s prompt we’ll write 500 words with intentionally crafted psychic distance.

For this exercise let’s:

  • match our narrative distance to the effect we want to achieve
  • try to transition between distances at least a couple times

I recommend this article by Emma Darwin which expertly explains psychic distance.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and keep writing!

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