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I learned a lot while struggling with my response to last week’s prompt.

When I was writing more details about what kind of box the oranges were in, I realized they didn’t matter, and that if I gave them any space in the story the emphasis and pacing would be wrong.

When I was writing about the actions Mary takes, I realized I needed to give more detail to the emotions she experiences, otherwise the story is less interesting.

When I was trying to describe Mary’s character, I realized that in a piece of writing of this size I needed to focus on one thing about her, instead of trying to fit in four or five.

Most importantly, when I was sitting down to write or edit and tearing my hair out, I learned that if I just took a break and came back to it later I would be able to move forward. I learned to trust myself enough to see that just because I’m having a rough time right now doesn’t mean I’ll never succeed.

For this week’s prompt let’s write 500 words depicting a change of emotion, using detailed body language, facial expression, and/or dialogue.

Something like,

Jack kissed Janie’s cheek. “Oh Janie, you’re the sweetest girl on earth.” Just then Biff walked by. Jack watched Janie’s eyes follow Biff down the street. “Huh,” said Jack. “Well, I got homework to do anyway, Janie. Guess I’ll see you running around.”

It’s not my fault that when I picture teens on a date it’s automatically the 1950s.

Let’s write in a way that:

  • richly conveys the chosen emotions
  • clearly indicates the reason for the emotional shift
  • makes the shift convincing

I can’t wait to see what we create! Have a wonderful week everyone.

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