weekly prompt | january 14

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Phew, we made it! How did you do? My response can be found here. Feel free to share your writing with me if you’d like. I’ve really enjoyed reading everything I’ve received so far!

An exercise like last week’s prompt accentuates how punctuation improves readability in our writing. I struggled to keep things straight, but found this article about parentheses and dashes helpful.

For this week’s prompt we’ll write 500 words that describe a character by having them perform a mundane action. Your character might wash their car, but the way they wash it will bring them to life.

To best use our skills, let’s write a sentence that:

  • doesn’t over-use adverbs (we can show a character’s emotions by describing their actions in detail; for example, “He wound up, gritted his teeth, and threw the sponge to the ground,” is better than, “He threw the sponge violently to the ground.” )
  • uses dialogue to help build characterization
  • uses action instead of internal dialogue

I recommend the Hemingway Editor for catching those pesky adverbs.

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